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Subject: Farewell to Mary Mount Middle School (final chapter)This story contains explicit sex among young teenage boys and girls. You
are here warned to not read it if such stories offend you. This is the
17th and last story of the Mary Mount Middle School Series Farewell to Mary Mount Middle School
Larry Marrion On the last Friday in August eight teenagers sat in Isaac's family
"Just think, we're going to be in high school this year," Debby
"Yeah. But six different high schools," Peter countered.
"And poor Isaac is going off to a military school of all places,"
Angela wailed. "We have to have some big going away party.
John smiled. "I have an idea," he said. At once there was a
chorus of questions and requests to continue. "We'll play strip-service
"Okay," said Susie, "what's that?"
"Well, it starts out like strip poker, which we've all played
before, met art russian lolitas but it gets more interesting when the first person gets very young lolita poses naked.
Whoever it is, the dealer goes down on that person. The the second person
to get naked has the first person go down on them. And so on." John
smiled again.
"What happens if two people get naked on the same deal?" Issac
"Simple," John replied, "they do each other and who ever was going
to do just one, does the next person.
"What if the dealer goes naked?" Susie asked.
"Ah, whoever has the most clothes on at the time," John said.
"Shall we play?" They all agreed and Isaac went to a table and came back
with two sets of cards.
"High card deals first. If that person is a boy, then the boys
deal and then the girls. If a girl gets high card, it's the other way,"
John said. Again they all nodded. Isaac spread the cards out on the rug
and each drew a card. "Show `em," John said, and they did. Peter
had the Ace of Hearts.
"Well, I guess I deal first." He said, and shuffled and dealt.
John shuffled the other deck, ready to deal after the first hand.
As the cards went to each player, Susie said, "Hey, wait. What
about clothes? We girls should have more than you guys. At least one."
"Why? Manuel asked. "It's not like we haven't seen you a thousand
"We wear tops at the pool. That's why," Cathy said.
"Okay. Boys have shirt, t-shirt, pants, briefs, and shoes come off
at the same time. Socks don't count. Girls have top, bra, pants, panties
and either one shoe at a time or one accessory. How's that?" John said.
"So you have five and we have six," Debbie said. The boys nodded.
"Okay. Give me two."
"Wait your turn," Peter said. At the end of the hand, Debbie held
an amazing two pair of Kings and Queens as the boys took off their shoes
while Susie slipped off a bracelet and Cathy and Angela removed a shoe.
John dealt the second hand which Susie won with amateur nude lolita pics three fours. The
boys each took off their shirts while Cathy and Angela removed the other
shoe and Debbie took off her hair band.
Issac dealt the third hand which Susie won again with a pair of
Jacks. "What happens if four boys all go naked at the same time?" she
asked as four undershirts lay on the rug.
"I guess we watch four boys get and give blow jobs," Cathy said.
"We can always bet on who cums first and who last."
"Pete's always first and Manuel is always last," Angela said as
Manuel dealt. Debby's two pair of deuces and fours kept her clothes on,
while the boys shed their pants, as did Angela and Cathy, while Susie
removed her shoes.
The boys looked at each other, with Pete and John in briefs and
Manuel and Issac in boxers, all four boys showing a download free lolita mpgs heavy tent. "I think
something big is going to happen next round," Cathy said as she began
dealing. "If three guys strip - and that looks like it might happen,
whoever is bare first is the one I blow. The other two do each other."
The others nodded. "So who wants what cards?" she said with an evil grin.
John threw down three Kings, looking almost upset, while Manuel
pulled off his boxers to reveal his rigid dick, still seven inches, the
same as last year. Issac and Peter pulled off their underpants to show
everybody their five inch dicks, grown from four and three last year.
Debby and Susie shed their tops as Angela and Cathy took off their bras.
Angela's boobs were still melon shaped, but they were real melons
now and Cathy had at least 34Bs. Manuel stood up and said, "Here it is,
Cathy!" Cathy stood up, walked up to Manuel, knelt down in front of him,
threw back her hair, kissed the tip of his rampant cock, and took it deep
into her mouth. "Oh, YEAH!" Manuel said. In the meantime, Issac lay down
and Peter lay between his legs and began to suck on Isaac's balls while his
hand ran up and down the erect shaft. John noticed that Manuel began to
face fuck Cathy when Peter took Isaac's bbs lolitas posting board cock deep into his mouth.
Peter bobbed up and down rapidly and Issac began to twitch. "It's
cumming. It's -- Oh, YEAH!" and John could see Peter's throat obviously
swallowing as Isaac's cum poured in. Then Issac pulled Peter from his cock
and rolled Peter over on his back to quickly began to return the favor.
He'd bobbed up and down on Peter's pecker for at least a minute before
Manuel began to speed up.
"Here it is. I'm cumming," he said.
"So am I!" Peter moaned.
"Yeah," said Debby. "Angela is right. Who's deal?"
"I do," Angela said. "So what do the three naked boys do?"
"Well, since Manuel was last, he gets to do whoever goes naked
first. Anybody else, they do each other."
"How about a 69 to save time?" Cathy asked. She got agreement and
the cards flew to the rug. When the cards were shown, Angela had three
kings. Smiling, Debbie and Susie took off their shorts and Cathy her
panties while John shed his briefs.
Angela said, playing her leadership role as dealer, "Cathy and John
do 69. Manuel can wait for a lone winner. John kissed Cathy, tasting
Manuel's cum in her mouth. He and Cathy lay down on their sides, facing
each other, Cathy with her upper leg raised to give him access to her cunt.
John began to lick Cathy's lower lips as her mouth closed around his cock.
He always liked having sex with Cathy, who he always had liked as a person.
She always seemed to feel the same way. It was a shame they wouldn't be
going to the same school. His tongue reached into her love canal as her
mouth worked expertly down his cock, taking more in lolita model preteen panties
each time she came
down. His arms came around her, his hands on her butt, brining her pussy
deeper into his lips and he began to suck on her clit as her hands played
with his butt cheeks.
John thought he was about to cum and gently began to hump Cathy's
mouth. Then Cathy's hands moved to cup his balls and he knew he was
strokes away. he felt her tongue touch his piss slit and then his back
arched and his xxx nude lolita pictures cum began to flood her mouth. At his third jet he felt her
tense and then her girl cum filled his as he swallowed it. The two rolled
back on their backs her wet pussy and his wet cock in view of their
"Thanks, Cathy," John whispered.
"Thank you. I always love being with you."
"Me, too."
They sat up and put their arms around each other as the game
resumed. Debbie dealt, the cards flew, and Angela shucked her panties
while Susie and Debbie removed their bras. Susie still had small boobs,
larger, of course, but Debbie was much fuller than a year ago. "Well, I
guess Manuel gets to muff dive Angela, Debbie said.
"Yeah," Angela purred, as she raised her knees and spread her legs
fully revealing a much hairier, darker snatch than she'd had last year at
the pond. "Manuel looks like he thinks he's going to have fun," and she
pointed at his stiff cock. He dropped to his knees before her, kissed her
lips, then began to kiss his way down towards pedo links kiss lolita her cunt.
"Hey, get on with it, Manuel. We've got two girls still in
panties," Isaac said. Manuel immediately burrowed his face in Angela's
thirteen year old snatch, his head moving as he obviously moved his lips
over her lips.
"Oh, yes," Angela moaned. "More tongue. Yeah. Good. Good. Oh,
keep it up." Her legs wrapped around his waist and her feet drummed gently
on his spine as his hands played first with her waist, and then up to her
breasts and nipples. She leaned back. "Oh! I'm about to cum. So fast.
Oh. OH!" She let her back drop to the carpeted floor.
John realized that he'd been finger fucking Cathy while she slowly
beat him off. But it wasn't just them. Debbie sat between Isaac and Peter
and had one hand on each cock, while Peter played with her boobs and Peter
played with Susie's. "Time to play," he said, took his hand off Cathy, and
put the cards on Debbie's thigh.
Debbie dealt to a group who wanted their thirteen or fourteen year
old hands someplace else other than on cards. Peter won with a pair of
threes and Debbie and Susie shucked their panties,spun so they were in a 69
position and went to work lying side by side. Angela and Manuel watched
for a minute or two, then slid down, Manuel on his back and Angela settling
between his legs while his hands kneaded her boobs. "Looks like fun," John
said, and Cathy took his shoulder, and lay down, guiding him to her. As
his dick slipped inside her sopping pussy, John saw Isaac and Peter, also
in the 69 position.
What a great way to say farewell to Mary Mont.
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